Did you know the Tree City Fall Festival Committee is made up entirely of volunteers?
Without these wonderful individuals, we would be unable to put on this event! 
However, leading up to and during the Festival weekend,
we are in need of MORE volunteers to keep the events running smoothly! 
If you would like to help, please complete the following online application: 
Volunteer today!

We will need help in the following areas:
  • Tree City Fall Festival Weekend — Friday and Saturday
    • Friday 8am-3pm Set up tents for non-profits, help with decorations, etc.
    • Friday 6pm-11pm Provide information, distribute/collect non-profit passports, clean up, prize tent etc.
    • Saturday 9:30am-11pm Provide information, clean up, distribute/collect non-profit passports, prize tent, etc.
Please contact us if you have any questions!